22nd- 23rd November, 2018, London, United Kingdom
4th Annual Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management Excellence Summit 2018

PM Training

Leadership and PM Training
This whole day workshop will build delegates’ leadership competencies to deliver business success in the current highly uncertain and chaotic EPC environment. Real-world evidence for needed competencies will be presented, with an open exploration of how these competencies can be manifested in delegates’ day-to-day working environments. People will leave the workshop with new insights, and – critically – having begun a journey to develop competencies that will make them stand out as leaders in the current chaotic EPC sector.
PM Training: 26th September, 2018


  • Aims & objectives
  • The days agenda

Leadership challenges in the EPC industry – and solutions
  • Overview of industry challenges for leadership: severe CAPEX constraint, radical competitive drivers, and massive complexity
  • Industry-side thinking on solutions

Identified critical leadership competencies
  • Competencies needed to deliver business results in an uncertain and chaotic environment
Case study: major organisational transformation in the middle of oil price chaos
  • Review case study
  • Group work to identify lessons & improvements to actual solution
Becoming a resilient leader
  • Courage to confront painful realities
  • Faith that there will be a solution
  • Tenacity to carry on despite a situation that seems hopeless. Working together to develop personal leadership competencies
  • Working with peers to develop personal leadership competencies Closing thoughts
  • Executive business leaders and executive project leaders: business critical connections